Rail Rider Supply – Price list 7-6-17

All items are priced in US dollars.  All Steel Parts include Black Oxide Finish


Dual Gauge 7.25"-7.5" Fairmont Speeders   - Standard - Ready to Run                   $4900.00

                                                                  - Drop Step - Ready to Run               $5150.00

Dual Gauge Running Chasis - No Upper Frame - Ready to Run                              $3800.00

Dual Gauge 7.25"-7.5" Fairmont Riding Cars - Ready to Run                                  $2850.00

Lights and Brackets for Speeders                                                                        $75.00

Shipping Crate for Speeders & Riding Cars                                                           $150.00

Wheels & Trucks

4130 Billet Steel Speeder Wheels - Black Oxide finish                                          $95.00 ea

Heavy Duty Billet Steel Trucks Complete with disc brakes                                    $1075.00 pair

Heavy Duty Billet Steel Trucks – No Brakes                                                         $750.00 pair

Press on Wheels - 4-1/8 Diameter 4140 Steel, Normal Condition 25-28 Rc              $55.00 ea

Press on Wheels - 4-1/8 Diameter 4140 Steel, Heat Treated 41-43 Rc                    $65.00 ea

Speeder Axle Assembly                                                         

Includes speeder wheels, bearing blocks, hubs,

high quality 40mm x 17mm x12mm wide dual sealed bearings,

includes dual gauge shims and hardware.                                                            $325.00 ea axle

Speeder Axle Assembly with Sprockets                                                           $350.00 ea axle

Lower Frames - CNC Laser cut and CNC machined - Black Oxide Finish

Assembled and Aligned                                                                                      $750.00

Kit Form                                                                                                            $700.00

Fairmont Radiator Castings

Finished                                                                                                            $ 300.00

Parts / Components

Coupler Pockets                                                                                                 $12.00ea

Safety Chain Anchor Blocks                                                                                $7.00ea

SW1500 Fuel Dipstick                                                                                        $25.00

Hour Meter / Tachometers - Model # ENM PT14                                                    $ Northern Tool

Honda GXV50 2-1/2HP Vertical Shaft Engine                                                         $475.00

Tecumseh Peerless 5 speed Transmission with Disc Brake & Shift Lever                 $385.00

Two Piece Adjustable Pulley For Tapered Shaft Engine Mount - with shims              $65.00


Re-Railing Tools

Complete Set - Lever, Base, Chain End, Hex Bar & Roller, Loop End            $310.00

Lever Base & Chain End                                                                             $175.00

Bar & Roller                                                                                               $110.00

Loop End                                                                                                    $35.00

Ordering Information

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Personal checks or money orders.  We can’t ship any items until we receive final payment.  Our corporate title, D.F.O'Brien & Associates, will appear on all credit card receipts.  All orders of Speeders, Riding Cars and orders above $1,000.00 require a 50% deposit to start building  your order and final payment to include shipping costs before we can ship.  Speeder and Riding Car orders are normally filled within 2-3 weeks.  All orders are fulfilled within 30 days of receiving payment unless otherwise agreed upon.  Most all items are in stock and can ship as soon as we receive your payment.  All payments must be made in US dollars any returns are refunded in US dollars.  All shipping is FOB Anaheim, CA  prepaid and added to your invoice.  We ship with UPS Freight or other reputable freight service.  Insurance is included with all shipping costs. Orders can be placed by phone, fax, email or postal service.  For your security we prefer credit card orders be placed by phone.

Warranty Information and Cancellation Policy

All of our products are warranted for a period of five years from the date the items are received by the customer with the exception of the following.

Items damaged by abnormal weathering, neglect, tornados’, earthquakes, floods etc.

Items damaged by collisions on the track, while in transit to a track or other accident

Items such as motors (from Honda) and transmissions (from Tecumseh) come with a one-year warranty from the manufacture.  Call Rail Rider Supply for your closest service center.  Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to last a lifetime.  Any product that fails to perform after the five-year warranty will be replaced at the discretion of Rail Rider Supply.  Any orders cancelled after the deposit has been taken are subject to a 10% cancellation fee.   Special orders can only be cancelled at the discretion of Rail Rider Supply.  All prices are in US dollars, all returns are in US dollars.  Prices for speeders, riding car & work car do not include couplers.  Prices do not include shipping.  We use FedEx, UPS, UPS Freight or other reputable freight service.  All shipping costs are FOB Anaheim, CA.


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