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LALS Fall Meet 2003

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Photo's from OCME Fall Meet 2003

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The speeder looks good in red also.

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Train Mountain Triennial Meet 2003

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LALS Photo's

Speeder LALS Spring Meet 2003d.jpg (79636 bytes)

The speeder has plenty of pulling power.  The second car in the photo is our drop center wheel chair car made out of solid steel plate. ( 400 lbs).   Add the passengers , the speeder & riding car,  the speeder is pulling well over 1500 lbs.  The speeder handles this load with out any problems and can climb grades with this load.  

Spring Meet 2003

Pappa-Connor-Nana1.JPG (155574 bytes)Papa-Connor-Nana2-2.JPG (145974 bytes)Dan-Sr-SW1500-1.JPG (155487 bytes)

Dan Sr., Grandson Connor and Fran O'Brien on the speeder.   Photo 2, Getting the SW1500 ready for a day of riding.

Customer Speeders

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Andre Doyon at Lowell Eggerts 4.5K feet of track, Grove Oklahoma.

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Dan Sr. on the riding car being pulled by Carl Vanderspek., our first customer.

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Doug Brooker, North Wales Pennsylvania


These photo's are from our original prototype speeder.

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