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We are still selling speeders, trucks, kits and now our re-railing tools.  Our re-railing tools have gained popularity at all of our local clubs and tracks and have helped save many of backs during re-railing operations.  Our trucks are the best quality truck and brake system available today. Many clubs and commercial operations are now using our heavy duty trucks and brakes as the are much less prone to de-reailing and can stop 30% faster than anything else available.

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We are still here, so much for that last update.  Lots of news the last seven years.  We are now located in Anaheim California just a few miles North of Disneyland.  Our machine shop business has gotten very busy and led us to relocating to a larger facility in the summer of 2012.  The new facility will allow us to better serve the rail rider supply products.  Our premium all steel trucks, machined from steel plate and bar have been in use at several commercial operations and have logged well over 7000 miles of service.  There is no other truck and brake system on the market that tracks better or stops better.  Tests have proven the inovative disc brake on our truck stops 30% faster than the nearest competitor.  The brakes will not be damaged in the event of derailing, the trucks rarely ever derail due to the self algning bearings and the design of the trucks.

Other new products - Re-Railer Tools, to put the heaviest trains back on track.

Dan Sr. is still going strong, he will be 80 this December.


A long overdue website update will be coming this summer.  We still are honoring the 3-10-05 price sheet but we will be forced to increase all prices in the near future.

New - Premium trucks with disc brakes.  The truck is completely machined from steel plate, no castings.  The truck has a unique spring set cartridge that can be easily removed.  The trucks utilize a air cylinder and offer superior stopping power

New - 2 pc Pulley standard on all speeders.  Existing speeder owners can get a 2 pc pulley and new cross member for a reduced price.  The 2 pc pulley makes changing the drive belt very simple and allows adjustments with shims.

We will be at the Train Mountain Meet this summer 6-25-6 to 7-2-06.  


Updated prices,  one fixed link  - www.fingerlakeslivesteamers.org.   We will be at the LALS spring meet this spring.


Our introductory pricing of $2950.00 for the speeders will expire at the end of this year.  Speeders are now available with added options - drop step frame, lights.  We are currently looking into adding  new speeder models to accommodate the 12" & 15" gauges.  We will be at the LALS fall meet, stop by to see and take a speeder for a test run.

We have enhanced the throttle to make it much smoother, a free kit is available for all existing speeder owners. 

Web update - Speeder details added customer comments, price list, more to come.  We have been very busy with our machine shop business and I have not had the time to work on the website.  We still can deliver a speeder ready to run in 3 weeks or less, we are currently making a red speeder for stock.  All other parts are in stock ready for delivery.


Thanks to everyone for a  good start in 2003.  We sold 15 speeders, 3 riding cars and many other items including  wheels and components.   We will be adding new products as the year goes on. 


We now accept Mastercard and Visa.  We will be at the LALS meet Friday October 3rd  through Sunday October 5th.  We will also be at the Maricopa Live Steamers meet Friday October 17th through Sunday October 19th.  Come see us and take a speeder out for a ride.


Single axle trucks available soon.  This truck is a bi- product of our flatbed work car.  The car utilizes a single axle set up just as the original Fairmont work cars.  The axle is suspended and can tilt side to side with die springs mounted inside the truck body.  The flatbed car is also completed and ready for powdercoating, the final test run was completed this last Sunday.   We are currently fabricating 6 flatbed cars and already have wheels and soon trucks for these six cars.  After the six cars are completed we can start building trucks and wheels as separate items.       


We now have speeders in Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and British Columbia.   Dan Sr. displayed the speeder at the Train Mt meet in June, what a great layout that is.   We are still testing our flat work/utility car and hope to have those ready to sell soon.   We also will add credit card payments in the near future.  


Updated web site. Upper and lower frames and radiator castings now sold as separate items.  See the speeder at the Train Mountain Triennial Meet this June -  21st  through the 28th.   Thanks to all for the good response to our ads.


Customer speeders  in the photo section. Customer comments in the product line - Fairmont speeder section.  Added links


There has been steady interest on the speeders since we came on line late last year.  We have 3 speeders left at the introductory price.   We will begin work on the next 10 speeders shortly.  Current delivery for a speeder is 2-3 weeks. 

Look for our ads in 7+Railroader & Live Steam magazines. 


There is a photo of the speeder in the current issue of 7+Railroader , we were at the OCME ( Orange County Model Engineers) fall meet and had a great time on the speeder.

Six of the first ten speeders have now been reserved. 


We are almost finished on the first ten production model speeders.  The speeders will be available for purchase by February 2003.    The introductory price on the first ten speeders is $2850.00.   

Our plan is to build the completed speeders in lots of ten.  Other items such as the speeder wheels and other components are built in larger quantities and are available now.